The Haëlla Foundation supports


Faith and Society


Is it your ideal to bind faiths and cultures together and to enhance mutual respect? Do you want to renew your faith or tradition or to broaden its vision?  Haëlla can help if your project is respectful towards others who might live, think and believe differently. If you appreciate a dialogue and see a future in a multi-cultural society.

Peace and Human Rights


Is world peace your ideal? Do you strive for a better understanding between people and nations? Do you want to defend human rights, freedom and equality and object to their violation and injustice? Do you want to make people aware of the various sides of a conflict? Haëlla can help if your project is non-violent and respectful.

Coexisting in the Netherlands


Is a just society your ideal? Do you want to do something to help (groups of) people in the Netherlands in difficult circumstances?  Do you wish to help people to regain the direction of their lives and their freedom? For example, victims of women trafficking and violence, refugees and asylum seekers, undocumented people, the homeless, (ex) detainees, (ex) drug addicts, minorities or those who live in extreme poverty. Haëlla can help if you projects aims to support a group of vulnerable people, not a single person.

Environment and Sustainability


Is it your ideal to save the earth for future generations? Do you have a concrete plan to do something for a cleaner environment, within the Netherlands or abroad? Do you have an idea how to motivate people to change their behaviour concerning the environment? Do you want to educate children and adolescents in this matter? Haëlla can help if you have partners that can render assistance in the achievement of your sustainable goal.