Inspired by their faith Mr and Mrs Dake-van Noppen, founders of the cleaning company CEMSTO (1909) and the Haëlla Foundation (1967) strived to offer support to vulnerable (groups of) people in difficult social and financial circumstances. The couple was very much interested in social development and change. Convinced of the importance of a new economic order and world peace they wanted to enable people with inspiring and progressive ideals and ideas to realize their plans. Thus contributing to a fair and better world.



““It is my opinion that we should be brave enough to think globally even if this means that it will take a century or more to achieve the goals we have set.” Thus spoke Mr A.G. Dake (1887-1979) on the day the Haëlla Stichting was founded.

It was 1967. The Haëlla Foundation was a fact. ‘Haëlla’, named after  Mrs Helene Lucretia Anna Dake-van Noppen.

Several years later the  Stichting Haëlla Vermogensbeheer (HVB) was called to life. This separate foundation takes care of the asset management of the Haëlla Foundation. Aiming to endow a yearly amount, as generous as possible, whilst preserving the capital and thus ensuring the work of the foundation for many years to come.

MrA.G. Dake was a descendant of a business-family from Amsterdam, that traded in household goods since 1826. At the beginning of the 20th century, an era of industrialization and modernization the Dake firm sold the latest household items and kitchen machinery.

In 1909 Mr Dake founded the CEMSTO. The first large-scale cleaning company in the Netherlands. Soon there were establishments in cities throughout the country.

Mrs Dake passed away at the age of 88 in 1971; Mr Dake passed away in  1979 at the age of 92. Until their death they were both intensely involved with the work of the foundation.