Haëlla fits your ideals


Are you looking for a way to support projects that fit your ideals? We can offer various possibilities and will be happy to advise you and give information about our work in a personal conversation.

We would be happy to speak to you, to think along with you about your ideas and wishes and to give you an overview of the possiblities for cooperation.

Periodic donation

Would you like to support our work with a periodic contribution, an annual gift for the minimum duration of five years? Of course this is most welcome! You can indicate the nature of the projects or field of attention you prefer. For those who pay tax in the Netherlands a periodic donation is, in most cases, tax deductible. The Haëlla Foundation is earmarked as an organization for the common good in the Netherlands (an ANBI foundation). This means that the foundation is free warded from gift and inheritance taxes and can spend the full amount of your gift to projects of your choice. Periodic donations must be embedded in an official form approved by the Inland Revenue in the Netherlands.

A one-time donation

It is also possible to donate a one-time amount to a project of your choice. For more information, please contact our office.
You can transfer your gift to: Haëlla Stichting, Den Haag. IBAN: NL68ABNA0424734982. De Haëlla Stichting has an ANBI certification. Ons RSIN is 005607516.


Private persons can bequeath a legacy to the Haëlla Foundation, either with a specific project in mind or to support the general work of the foundation. A legacy should be recorded in a will. We make an effort to get to know our benefactors and have a dedicated interest in the wishes and ideals of the testator or testatrix concerning his or her inheritance. When, however, the intentions of the testator or testatrix are not known to us the proceeds go to the basic capital of the foundation, which is used to support our various fields of interest.