Mr G.H.O. van Maanen, chair
Mr J.A.J.W. Nieuwenhuys, secretary/treasurer
Mr A.M. Dake, board member
Mrs R. Post van der Molen, board member
Mrs E. Schimmelpenninck, board member

Reward policy

All board members do their work on a  voluntary base.
RSIN: 802597014
You can find a link to the state of assets and expenditure right below.
The foundation can be reached via the office of the Haëlla Foundation.


The Stichting Haëlla Vermogensbeheer was founded in 1972. This separate foundation takes care of the asset management of the Haëlla Foundation. Aiming to endow a yearly amount, as generous as possible, whilst preserving the capital and thus ensuring the work of the foundation for many years to come.


In 2013 the board to decided to allocate extra funds to the Haëlla foundation to support a five year program for long term support for a number of projects.

Mrs H.Th. Dake, daughter of the founders was a dedicated board member for many years. When she left the board in 2013 the Heleen Dake Fund for Training and Equipment was called to life with a start capital of € 30.000,-. From this fund the Haëlla Stichting can allocate grants for organizations that need support for capacity building in order to grow.  The fund will remain in existence until the Vermogensbeheer Stichting is dissolved  and the capital will be replenished when necessary

The portfolio is arranged according to an investment agreement and is managed by the Triodos Bank.

In the past years the  Haëlla foundation has called on a special-purpose reserve in order to support projects in the aid of ondocumented people.

The foundation has an ANBI  status in the Netherlands.

Annual reports (in Dutch)

HVB jaarverslag 2017
HVB jaarverslag 2016
HVB jaarverslag 2015