Join your name to you idals


Do you wish to contribute in a personal way to small-scale projects that aim for a better world? For example activities that support vulnerable people? Then you might consider to start a donor-advised fund. The Haëlla Foundation can be of help. Together we can look for a suitable cooperation according to your personal wishes.

With a donor-advised fund you can support small-scale initiatives and bind your gift to your own name or the name of a loved one. You can choose specific goals. For example the protection of human rights; support for refugees or projects for young people with a distance to the labour market. People in danger of exclusion from society if no one takes them by the hand. Often just a little help is enough to enable people to participate.

If you house your donor-advised fund with the Haëlla Foundation you can make use of our expertise. You can see what happens with your donation and, if you wish, you can participate in the choice of projects. If the donor-advised fund concerns a future legacy you can decide what kind of projects will benefit.

You will lay down the aims of your donor-advised fund. The administration of the means and the donations will be done by the Haëlla Foundation, according to your wishes. If you pay tax in the Netherlands you donation is tax deductible. In the Netherlands the Haëlla foundation is a certified ANBI organization for the common good.

We will be happy to think along in a personal conversation.
for more information please contact Tessa Buruma: 070-324 99 29 at our office.


DéTé fund

The DéTé Foundation started a cooperation with the Haëlla Foundation. The board decided to dissolve the foundation and place the assets in a donor-advised fund.  The DéTé fund supports education for young people from deprived families, preferably in the Netherlands.

AANubis fund

The  AANubis fund was founded with a legacy of Mr Aad Stoop and Mrs Louise Antoinette Schoen. The fund supports unemployed young South Afican men between 18 and 25 years old and living in a city environment. Because of the small scale and personal approach it is possible to offer specific aid to enable the benificiaries to become self supporting.