Worldwide the Haëlla Foundation supports small-scale initiatives that offer direct support to the target group, involving volunteers. Projects that need seed money to develop their organization and activities. Special projects that need to establish themselves and perhaps are too hazardous for other donors.


We support projects concerning: Faith and Society; Peace and Human Rights; Coexistence in the Netherlands and Environment and Sustainability

How do we work?

Haëlla aims to be a fund with grit that helps to realize social dreams by supporting small-scale initiatives. We strive to make our support accessible.

Grit: since we also finance projects that have difficulties to find support elsewhere. This because they are innovative or concern matters that are socially uncomfortable. We dream of a just world where everyone has a chance of a comfortable existence. A world with respect for others, for each other’s beliefs an background. A world in which we care for those who are vulnerable and for the environment.

The Haëlla Stichting supports inspired people that aim to realize their social dream.

Small-scale: we offer support for a maximum of € 2.500 per initiative, with a total budget that does not exceed € 50.000.

Accessible: anyone who has an idea for a project that fits within the aims of our foundation can ask for support. You can do this by sending an application, or by making a telephone call or an appointment for advice or information.

The Haëlla Foundation supports ‘sprouts’; small-scale initiatives with a potential to grow. Projects that support and inspire others..


How can we realize our aims? By binding people together, sharing knowledge, cooperating with people and organizations that strive for the same goals and by offering financial support for initiatives.

We share our knowledge in personal conversations, in meetings and on platforms. The Haëlla Foundation participates in the Hafo ( a meeting of foundations in the Hague); and the LFO, a meeting of foundations throughout the Netherlands.

The Haëlla Foundation is initiator of the Platform WijDoenMee.nu; a cooperation of a number of funds to support small scale initiatives for refugees in the Netherlands.


Spirit of the time

We live in a world of constant change. The Haëlla Foundation experiences this in the nature of the applications and questions that reach us. We like to be challenged and strive to make pour policy move along with the demands of society. This, of course, without losing sight of our initial goals. The ideas and inspiration of our founders, Mr and Mrs Dake – van Noppen, remain our beacon.