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Do you dream, like us, of a better world? A world with chances and a comfortable existence for all. A peaceful world in which we respect each other’s belief and background, with care for those who are vulnerable and our common environment. And do you have a definite plan and are in need of support to realize your project?

Then you can apply for a maximum amount of € 2.500. Start your digital application on this website. This can be done throughout the year. Do not forget to save your application in the meantime. You can finalize it later on. We will contact you within 14 days after you have sent the application.

Are you not sure whether you project fits, do not hesitate to contact us.

Apply for funding


Does your plan fit within the aims of the Haëlla Foundation?

Your plan is meant for a group of people – not for personal support.

You plan concerns a subject that is important for the Haëlla Foundation. See:

You will work together with others. This can be done as a foundation or official organization, but also as a group of initiators.

Volunteers play an important part in your project

There is a Dutch or English speaking contact person in the Netherlands that has proper knowledge of your initiative and can be reached by telephone

Our maximum donation is 2.500 euro The total amount of your project estimation must not be more than 50.000 euro.

The Board of the Haëlla Foundation makes the final decision.

You can only apply once a year.

Regretfully our means are limited. Therefore we have certain restrictions. See:

How to apply


You will submit your digital application via this website. This can be done throughout the year. We will ask you to upload several documents. It is wise to have them ready before you start the application procedure.

A project description. What is the aim? What are the activities you will develop? How do you plan to do this? With whom and when? With which persons and/or organizations will you cooperate?

What is tot total amount necessary? Make a detailed overview of the costs (in Euro)

How do you plan to cover the costs? The Haëlla Foundation will only support part of the necessary amount. Make an overview of the foundations, organizations and sponsors you have asked for funding, and the results thus far.

If you apply on behalf of a foundation or organization, please upload the official regulations and the latest (financial) annual report.

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